CISF may implement video analytics and facial recognition at Delhi airport

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On Wednesday, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) announced on Twitter that Delhi airport may soon plan of launching the facial recognition facility for passengers flying.

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According to India Today, CISF top bosses are in contact with several software firms that offer video analytics and facial recognition to identify and catch hold of those who try to flee the country and are on the wanted list.

The software considered ‘a must have’ in most western countries is expected to keep an eye on passengers in cases where the human eye is likely to fail. Sources said that CISF is in talk with various Indian and foreign software companies who have offered solutions, as quoted by India today.

This is where video analytics and facial recognition comes to aid. It spots any unusual movement and suspicious behaviour which may be missed or overlooked by a human supervisor.

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Sources say that video analytics detect an object or a person and alerts authority if something is out of place. Several companies are developing advanced algorithms that can recognize a wanted person whose data is fed into the records. The person will be identified even if he uses a wig or sunglasses to mask the appearance.

While any security related expenditure at the airport is required to be cleared by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), the forces are likely to first put the software to use first in Delhi Metro.

Sources said, once the security agencies like state police, Intelligence Bureau (IB) or the Home Ministry give data of the wanted persons, the software will be able to scan through millions of people through the day to the control panel, where the team of CISF will be alerted.

Earlier, Bengaluru International Airport revealed plans of launching the facial recognition facility for passengers flying by select airlines from 2019.

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