#BattleForStates: Maharashtra Election trail; here’s what people are expecting

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With the assembly elections scheduled for October 21, 2019 in the states of Maharashtra and Haryana, the battleground at the state level is ready.

Maharashtra could well see the return of BJP-Shiv Sena alliance, with insider information coming in that they are indeed in a comfortable position.

The Congress had won 42 seats in 2014 state assembly elections in Maharashtra, but this time, sources tell us that they might not go beyond 20-25 seats this time. The various factions, internal discontentment and party politics has left a deep impact on the ground level workers within the party.

The BJP is contesting 164 out of the total 288 seats in alliance with smaller parties for the October 21 assembly elections. Its principal ally, Shiv Sena, is fighting in 124 constituencies under the ‘Maha Yuti’ or grand-alliance.

Devendra Fadnavis is the youngest CM and is looking forward to his second tenure. He has the support from within the party. With the young Aditya Thackeray in the picture now, infusion of new blood and energy could boost the spirits for the party especially when it comes to deciding the portfolios post elections.

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On the other hand, Congress could be all set to take the position of the opposition yet again.

One of the prime reasons has also been the defections that have taken place in both Congress and NCP. It has lowered the morale within the party.

Some of the issues at the ground level –

Largely, people were happy with the status quo and not very open to experimenting and getting Congress back in power. Even though they may not have met their local representative at all, they still wanted to continue with the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance. The Shiv Sena power at the local level still holds ground.

In areas like Jogeshwari, the problems were larger. Civic issues continued to be prime. Roads are in a bad condition and re-development was getting hampered. Builders come, take money and get contracts but no development, according to them, is actually happening.

Virar –
Rains lead to flooding. Transport gets effected. The people felt that these issues that hamper their lives at an everyday level are left untouched.

Dahisar –
Shiv Sena is also strong here but civic issues continue to be top most and people felt that at a local level, things are not materialising.

Overall, Maharasthra continues to be a BJP-Shiv Sena stronghold and a rub off from the general elections could well be seen at the state level too.

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