Milk substitutes you can try if you are lactose intolerant or vegan

Milk is one of the most preferred and one of the healthiest drinks across the world. It is widely regarded and given to kids from an early age for strong bones and calcium. If we go back to our roots, even in Ayurveda there is a mention of how milk helps in curing many problems of the body. Milk can be taken in many forms depending upon the season and mood and is essential for the early morning chai.

The problem these days is that there is a huge amount of adulterated food available in the market and even regular dairy milk doesn’t do any good. Some people are also realizing that they are lactose intolerant or simply allergic to cow’s milk. Others are taking an alternative route to go vegan and ditching all animal products altogether.

Now there are many alternatives to your regular cow’s milk, here are a few options –

Hemp milk
Hemp milk is a new kind of substitute for dairy milk having a huge amount of nutrients like omega 3 and iron which makes it a healthier option. The carbs are lesser and also helps when you are attempting to lose weight.

Coconut milk
Coconut milk has a great taste which is creamier and thick – it can present as a meal substitute as its heavy. It is a great alternative for regular dairy.

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Almond milk
A lot of people have already switched to almond milk because of its sweet taste and it is a healthier option. Almond milk is great for health as it provides the body with vitamins and other nutrients.

Oats milk
Oats milk is another new and unique substitute consisting of higher fibre content than regular milk. It is made using a blend of oats and water and can be tried. It can be used amazingly well while making smoothies.


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