Gratitude can do wonders at workplace: Study

Are you looking for satisfaction at your workplace? A recent study suggests, expressing gratitude to a colleague would improve the lives of one another mutually.

According to the researchers, employers should create formal or informal opportunities for people to express gratitude in the organization. Including gratitude in a business plan is an essential step that is missed by business owners and there can be financial consequences.

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“Employees that receive positive feedback are healthier, and that can impact the bottom line. Preventing headaches and other stress-related symptoms means fewer sick days, and, in this case, cuts down the cost of replacement nurses and overtime pay,” David Cadiz, a recent study suggests.

There is a dramatic financial impact from these little changes over time which can impact better pay rates and increased benefits to the staff.

The idea is to express gratitude when you see someone doing a good job. A positive feedback loop impacts you and those around you, and can ultimately shape a healthier and happier community.


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