Families and schools may play key roles in promoting adolescent self-confidence

Self-confidence is vital for teenagers while preparing for adulthood and families as well as schools can play a key role in boosting their confidence as per a study.

The researchers found that adolescents who frequently saw their parents in a conflict situation or fighting experienced self-efficacy. However, a support system in school and good grades were able to help compensate for family problems.

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For the study, the researchers used data from 768 families, which included two-parent households with at least one adolescent in the home. Data were collected twice when the adolescents were in sixth grade and once when they were in seventh grade.

“If these adolescents are experiencing a lot of conflict at home, that can be offset to an extent by feeling successful in school or in their peer relationships,” Fosco said. “Even though interparental conflict at home is a risk factor for undermining their self-efficacy, these positive experiences out of the home will help offset damages to their belief in themselves, in their ability to overcome challenges.

The study also suggests that there are many means of promoting self-efficacy in teens and one solution may not be apt for all teens.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse helped support this research.

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