PM Modi exhorts people not to spread dirt on social media

While having an interaction with the BJP workers and volunteers in Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday urged people not to spread dirt around the social media, adding that it’s nothing related to the ideology of the people but it does not look good in a decent society.

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He stressed on having a good and positive atmosphere on the social media. In connection with the fake news forwrding on the social media he said, “People at times overstep the bounds of decorum. They hear or see something false and forward it. They don’t notice that how much damage they are doing to society. Some people use such words that do not behove any decent society. They say or write anything about women.”

He also said that it not anything about the political ideology but “it is about the 125 crore Indians… and everybody should train themselves to never spread dirt through the social media,” the PM said.

While interacting with the BJP workers he said that they should always forward the videos that are related to the growth of India and the “changing face of India” and said that country is now witnessing  “historic and unprecedented” progress.

While praising the work and the growth of India, he said that there is electrification in every village of India. He also talked about toilets and schools. It has also become the fastest growing economy and fastest growing aviation market with more people flying than travelling in AC trains.

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“These developments will fill every Indian with pride,” he said.

Speaking about the developments in Varanasi he said, that it is visible in Varanasi from roads to railways and the airport. He asked locals to work to ensure that visiting people of Indian origins during the ‘Pravasi Bharatiya Divas’ during January 21-23 in 2019 witness the best of Indian culture.

PM Modi also spoke about the ‘Ayushman Bharat’, a health insurance scheme.


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