Will 11th December 2018 be indicative of what to expect in 2019

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    11th of December 2018, is a crucial day in the political life of India. The fate of 5 states – Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Mizoram – will be decided and with this, the fate of India’s main parties, BJP and Congress will also get written.

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    For the BJP led NDA government, a tilt in the negative could set the pace for 2019. It could be an indicator of a downward trend in the ‘Modi wave’, that in the last general elections, had taken the country by storm.

    It could also leave many scenarios open for the future. Would coalition governments be the way forward or would BJP replay a 2014 and get a consistent mandate. On the contrary, a Congress win would mean that people are open to trying a new governance.

    For Rahul Gandhi, a win in these states could make him emerge as the only solid contender to challenge Modi-dom and reinstate the Grand Old Party in India. It could also mean the survival of Congress for the future.

    With 2019 almost here, these states are the testing waters. Party plans for the future, tactics and manifestos, election campaigns and candidate selection would depend upon this. Whether it is Congress or BJP, each has to master the game of treading the path logically and strategically.

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    Tomorrow is a big day. It could cement BJP as the only powerful party or it can help Congress write a new story. Regional parties and their role going forward will also get strengthened, in case of a close call. 2019, indeed, will depend a lot on what happens tomorrow.