Why Gandhi’s peace mantra is even more relevant for global peace today

    As we celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the man who managed to bring the British empire down in India, it is critical to understand why his philosophy worked when everything else failed.
    Gandhiji’s system of Satyagraha was based on non-violence, non-co-operation, truth and honesty.

    It’s been 72 years since then. Much has happened. The world has moved ahead at rocket speed, countries have got created, borders have become more volatile, competition has increased and people have attached more importance to personal goals.

    Is this then, the future that Gandhiji’s principles outlined? Can his tenets still succeed?

    Gandhian values are a combination of truth, sacrifice, non- violence, selfless service and cooperation. With nuclear empowerment and cross border tensions, global integration is even more required today. Reasons enough to understand the holistic meaning of Satyagraha.

    Intolerance and extremism can only be unarmed if the international community comes together to co-exist with mutual respect and work together for the equality and freedom of all individuals.

    Today the United Nations works closely on the principles laid down by Gandhiji, to find common, agreeable and mutually beneficial solutions to attain global peace.
    With technology, growth and economic prowess comes competition, selfish agendas’ and the need to undermine the other. This is against the principles laid down by Gandhiji.

    His teachings and methodology are more applicable today. The pace at which the world is racing ahead, only non-violence, love for humanity, and selflessness can hold us in good stead to forge ahead and design a future, conducive for our children to grow in.