UK Quarantine Rules Discriminatory, India Warns Of Reciprocal Measures

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    India has rightly snubbed UK for what it called was discriminatory policy in not recognising travellers from India even if fully vaccinated. The restriction by the UK applies even to those inoculated with Covishield which is produced in India under licence from UK-based Astra-Zeneca. While hoping for early resolution of the issue, India has warned of reciprocal measures as travel restrictions sparked sharp criticism.

    The irony is that India supplied 5 million doses of Covishield to UK which used it to vaccinate its population under the National Health Scheme (NHS).

    Incidentally, Covishield is the only India-made vaccine cleared for travel to the US for now which will be admitting from November fully vaccinated air travellers from 26 European countries as well as Britain, Ireland, China, India, South Africa, Iran and Brazil. The US decision of relaxing travel restrictions came when India said it will resume the export and gift of excess vaccines from next month. India is the world’s biggest maker of vaccines and had stopped vaccine exports in April to first inoculate people at home. India has increased its vaccine production and administered in excess of 800 million doses so far and plans to vaccinate its entire eligible population soon.