Press The Red Alert Now, COVID-19 Tally Has Already Crossed The 1-Lakh Mark In Last 24 Hrs

    The upsurge in COVID-19 figures and the highest single day increase in the tally taking it  over the 1 lakh case mark is a matter of grave concern. The death toll as on Monday morning stands at 1,65,101.

    The figures stand as a grim reminder of the lack of seriousness on our part and our complete defiance of COVID-19 protocols which include wearing face masks, practising social distancing, washing of hands and using sanitisers and avoiding social gatherings.

    If we don’t do our bit and adhere to COVID-19 appropriate behaviour, the results could be disastrous. Even a little bit of laxity on our part could translate to imminent danger for our near and dear ones.

    The pandemic isn’t over yet and that is something that we cannot afford to forget even for a second. Stay safe