No Place For Complacency As Daily Case Load Takes A Slight Dip, States Need To Ramp Up Testing

    The slight dip in the number of fresh COVID-19 cases over the last 24 hours brought with it a sense of relief for sure but the figures as they stand continue to be a grim reminder of the magnitude of the problem at hand.

    While the Health Ministry says Delhi and Madhya Pradesh show early signs of plateauing in daily COVID-19 cases, there is simply no place for complacency.

    At the core of weeding out the virus lies testing and states have been found wanting on this front. Unless the testing is ramped up, there is no way we can assess the problem at hand in real terms and work towards flattening the curve.

    The other crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked at any cost is enforcement of stricter containment measures to stop people from coming in contact with each other, a must for breaking the chain. Incidentally, at least 67 per cent of individuals who participated in an online survey conducted by the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) have called for a nationwide lockdown.

    At a time when vaccines are also in short supply, India for sure needs to ramp up testing to trace and isolate positive cases to flatten the coronavirus curve.