Need ‘TALAQ’ from the Menace of Triple Talaq

    The menace of Triple Talaq must be stopped forthwith. Lok Sabha has already passed but it seems that some parties are creating hurdle in the smooth passage of the bill in the Rajya Sabha. This bill though presented by the government of the day but it needs the support of all those who believe in equality and liberty guaranteed by the constitution to all the citizens irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

    No women can be allowed to suffer from the right of equality under the garb of religion which does not provide any sanction to the menace of Triple Talaq. It is evident from the fact that even a lot of muslin countries do not follow this practice.

    India is a free democratic country which cannot and should not be allowed by any religion to override its constitution and the law of the land.

    Hurdles will only strengthen the hands of the fundamentalist. In Shahbanu case the Congress government committed a big mistake by reversing its decision. They will learn from the past and will desist from all such things which could help the fundamentalists either from minority or majority to become stronger. Their support will help the cause for which their leaders have stood in the past.

    In case if any stalemate continues the government should not resist from taking all such measures including calling the joint session of the Parliament to pass this bill.