#Metoo throws Bollywood into a controversial whirlpool of neglected tales

    Tanushree Dutta receives two legal notices after her revelations

    The recent spate of #Metoo cases within Bollywood have opened up a Pandora’s box of tales, lies, threats and power plays, that were, till date, only discussed in whispers.

    Former actress, Tanushree Dutta, has paved the way for scores of other women – lesser known and lost in the large film fraternity – to come forward and speak about their horrifying experiences.

    What has come out is a startling mix of reasons, that points at the prevelant underbelly of Bollywood that operates at a disgusting level.

    So why is sexual harrament so common, yet hush hush in this industry? Why do people still fear of being labeled if they uttered the truth?

    That’s because the glamour and glitz attracts thousands of naive minds from across the country. These neither have the connections, money or knowledge of how things operate. End result – a slew of agents & middle men who take undue advantage by showing them false dreams of stardom.

    Unlike the west, where a lot gets done by a formal process of going through acting schools and the stage.

    Lack of an entry system in Bollywood or regional cinema, makes it easier for this kind of abuse to continue unchecked.

    What #Metoo has brought in, is a fresh lease of courage, confidence and security in women, that they are being heard!

    What Bollywood needs to do now is formulate a full proof legal framework wherein members of the fraternity can come forward and file their complaints for further action. A committe needs to be set up that can provide unbiased opinion without the scare of power.

    Bollywood’s #Metoo moment is on its way to gain more strength at ground level. Only when names are spelt out, public shaming is done and legal action sought, can fear of integrity be actioned.

    Women need to move beyond objectification. Famous celebrity names need to come forward and support the cause.

    Only then, can we progress properly.