Is India’s humanitarian goodness helping it strengthen its diplomatic position?

    Recently, in view of the coronavirus, India rescued not only its citizens but also Maldivian students from Wuhan in China.

    This isn’t for the first time that India has volunteered to lead the world and its neighbourhood in rescue efforts, thus enhancing humanitarian diplomacy.

    The most notable of these gestures was in Indonesia and Sri Lanka during the 2004 Tsunami rehabilitation efforts, rescue of citizens from US, UK, Pakistan and Bangladesh during the 2015 Yemen Civil war and more recently the continued efforts in dispatching relief material and food aid to Bangladesh for the Rohingya refugees, as part of Operation ‘Insaniyat’.

    Humanitarian diplomacy, which involves rescue efforts and dispatching of aid and more, is an integral part of Swiss foreign policy. India has been a silent contributor in this regard, despite the resource crunches it faces.

    It is these factors that will help India, effectively claim a place in the UNSC as a permanent member and encash goodwill in the neighbourhood.

    This is in line with the ancient Indian ethos of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam”, which means the whole world is one.

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