Is Haryana BJP’s denial of tickets to sitting MLAs setting new political standards?

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    Haryana BJP has decided to do away with old timers who may not have performed as per the requisite yardstick.

    They have denied tickets to some old hands and stalwarts, because of allegations and cases against them. 12 sitting MLAs have been denied re-nomination and with this move, BJP has sent out a clear message of action against dissidents. Public apathy, as the signal clearly comes through, does not hold ground for another tenure at the assembly elections.

    A dramatic yet progressive move by the BJP. Haryana has been shrouded under the weight of consistent problems. Rape, molestation, deteriorating civic situation, traffic irregularities, economic imbalances, pollution are just some of the stated roadblocks. For BJP, the mandate from the public was clear – we want action and leaders who can provide solutions for such critical matters.

    A move that should be followed by other parties in the future too. Whether an MLA or an MP, an elected government servant has to be sensitive to the needs of the people who have invested their trust in them. A collective voice is the only way, the rights of people can be heard.
    Right now, BJP has shown that they had little choice but to abide by public sentiments.