India should take strong action to stop Pak sponsored fake note smuggling

    India should take strong action to stop Pak sponsored fake note smuggling

    A new danger from Pakistan looms large and the government needs to take strong action against it.

    It has long been proven that Pakistan has been involved with funding cross border terrorism. Balakot and Uri attack are the recent examples of the heinous crimes that Pakistan sponsored terrorist outfits have undertaken. And now, the news of Pakistan smuggling counterfeit Indian currency has taken prominence.

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    Three years after India demonetized high currency notes to crackdown on black money, Pakistan has started producing, smuggling and circulating better quality Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) to finance illicit activities and militant groups, including the Lashkar-e-Taiba and its affiliates, Jaish-e-Mohammed. They have also been misusing diplomatic channels in Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries to bring and distribute consignments of Fake Indian Currency Notes.
    Pakistan’s secret agency, the ISI, has a role to play as they help create better visual quality of the currency, which is a notch better than the earlier photocopied notes.

    Indian government needs to take this up at a war footing. Pakistan’s plans to infiltrate Indian soil have to be busted at all levels. Increased patrolling and checking at the borders, stringent laws to check counterfeit notes, inter government talks with Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries with whom we have a porous border, needs to be conducted.

    Pakistan cannot and should not be allowed to succeed in such acts of theirs. India also needs to let the global community know about Pakistan’s nefarious plans so that global pressure on them can increase.