In our present context, what does ‘independence’ mean to us? A reality check

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    In our present context, what does 'independence' mean to us? A reality check

    As India gears up to celebrate its 73rd Independence Day tomorrow, there is a immense reflection required. Are we proud citizens of a free democratic nation today? Over the years has our socio-cultural fibre strengthened or weakened? Are the citizens of this country safe and secure? Is education reaching each and every village? Is the youth happy with the future that presents itself in front of them today?

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    In short, are we living the true meaning of freedom, the way our forefathers envisaged it for us.

    When India gained independence, the architects of our constitution guaranteed six fundamental rights to all citizens. Unfortunately, in the India of today, these promises are far from being fulfilled. Fundamental rights of a person are continually violated. The number of cases of rape, murder, religious fundamentalism, crimes against women have only sky rocketed.

    Is this freedom then? Or are we celebrating without actually ‘living’ the meaning.
    Each day we hear numerous stories that invade other people’s privacy without their permission? Is cultural intolerance, then, the way forward?

    India needs to rethink. As we celebrate the 73rd year of independence, we need to revisit the constitutional rights bestowed upon us. We need to respect and practice them in our daily lives, to stand against injustice, to not turn a blind eye to violations of any kind and to teach the future generation the true meaning of freedom.

    To redefine ‘swatantra’ and not be ‘aadheen’ to hatred, ill-will, intolerance and fanaticism.