Does the Congress manifesto promise more than it can deliver?

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    Does the Congress manifesto promise more than it can deliver?

    India’s general elections are almost here and as the country gears up to choose its new governance, the Indian National Congress released its election manifesto amid much fanfare. A manifesto that tried to create the right noise, promised change, spoke about truthfulness in its intention, targeted the youth and hit out at the NDA by stating that ‘they will deliver’.

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    Rahul Gandhi was in high spirits and ensured that the larger Congress community got enthused too. He touched upon critical issues like farmer distress, unemployment, national security, women safety, healthcare, NYAY schemes, economy and aimed at presenting a well-rounded manifesto that touched upon almost all issues of national significance.

    Yes, some details did seem doable, futuristic and in line with India’s growth. However, a vast agenda such as this, also needs a realistic approach.
    For example, the party has laid a huge stress on healthcare needs and promises to provide the latest techniques and hospitals. As per reports, to do this, the system would need an additional infrastructure of 1.54 million doctors and 2.4 million nurses by 2025. How would these be addressed?

    On the other hand, BJP has termed this manifesto ‘dangerously unimplementable.’ What needs to be seen is how BJP presents a manifesto that is robust, practical and issue oriented.

    Are the political parties trying to create a dream world to amass the voters or are they truly presenting the real picture with doable solutions?

    Much needs to be seen. But for the time being, it is all about being a notch up to seek the biggest electorate in the world.