COVID-19: Callousness will have to make way for sensitivity

    NM photo by Abheet Raghav

    India is reporting an increasing number of cases every day. Amidst this, we have had individuals escaping from quarantine centres and traveling the length and breadth of the country, lying on the immigration forms and a general aversion towards the entire quarantine process, which is integral in fighting this deadly virus.

    The affected need to understand that it is for their own safety and well being and that of those around them, that the quarantine process is being undertaken. Hence, it is incumbent on them to cooperate with the authorities and finishing their stay in the quarantine wards. A Bengaluru based women escaped from a centre and boarded a flight and a train then onwards, risking the well being of many of her co-passengers and others.

    At times such as these, when a collective effort is needed, the citizens will have to fulfill their fundamental duties and help themselves and those around them in combating this virus.

    It is unfortunate that educated and prosperous citizens are vying to adopt short cuts and aren’t realising that their acts are only further spreading the virus. A family from Kerala who traveled to Italy, hid the information, to only later realise that their neighbours too tested positive for the virus.

    The government has to strictly crack down on such insensitive individuals by evoking various penal laws.

    However, self- realization and fulfillment of civic duties in the first place will be the desired solution.

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