Beyond facts: What makes Chandrayaan 2 launch special and unique

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    A moment of immense pride for every Indian, as ISRO launched its ambitious robotic mission, Chandrayaan 2, into space. A historic event that will go down in the annals of scientific study, as a first of its kind. A mission that puts India’s scientific research in the forefront of space exploration.

    As the rocket took off towards outer space, images of applause filling up ISRO’s control room could be clearly seen on our television screens.

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    So, what makes this mission special?

    It is the first time that any country will venture to the southernmost region on the moon. Second, the entire mission has been conceived, developed and implemented in India.
    But one element, that completely makes this a landmark event is the fact that for the first time in India’s space history, an interplanetary expedition has been spearheaded by two women – Muthaya Vanitha, the project director and Ritu Karidhal, the mission director.

    A big leap, that proves that women in our country can grow and excel in any field now. Nothing is taboo for them anymore. It is also a slap on the faces of the ‘so-called keepers’ of societal norms, who feel that women cannot progress beyond home and familial duties.
    Two women, who fought against all odds to create what no other country has till now, is indeed enough to motivate, encourage and inspire scores of young girls to believe that nothing is impossible for them anymore.

    Chandrayaan 2 is not just an indicator of success for India’s scientific progress but also for the upliftment and strength, women in our country, now possess.