Ballot, Not Bullet, Will Hold The Key To Elections

    West Bengal, April 01 (ANI): Paramilitary personnel stands guard at a polling station during the second phase of the West Bengal Assembly election. at Nandigram in East Midnapore on Thursday. (ANI Photo)

    Reports of sporadic violence from Nandigram today eclipsed the fact that Bengal has recorded about 80 per cent polling. While the high voting percentage reinforces our belief in the strength of the ballot, violence undermines the very essence of democracy.

    Political parties often use violence as a tool of coercion and intimidation. And this election is no exception either.

    The onus lies with the Election Commission to ensure voters do not in any way feel threatened and come out of their homes to vote as per the poll schedule.

    Democracy gets its power from people. No one has the authority to usurp that right.