Act against those trying to ferment communal tensions; Gautam Gambhir to G’gaon admin

    Act against those trying to ferment communal tensions; Gautam Gambhir to G'gaon admin

    A day after four unidentified youth assaulted a Muslim man in Gurugram for wearing a traditional skull cap, furore has broken out over the communal agenda of the incident.

    Even newly elected East Delhi MP from the BJP, Gautam Gambhir, has vociferously voiced concern over the matter and has demanded exemplary action to be taken by the Gurugram authorities. Terming the incident as ‘deplorable’, Gautam Gambhir said that India is a secular nation.

    The victim was returning home after offering ‘namaz’ in a mosque and was stopped and objections were made for the cap.

    Indeed, any act that stops a person from following his religion in a democratic, secular country like ours, is against the basic ethos of our constitution.

    The government has to take strict action against the miscreants so that a firm message goes out to all people with such mindset, that they will be brought to books, if they try to create division.

    Swift action is the only way to suppress such incidents that put the entire nation to shame. Whether a Muslim, Hindu or any other caste, creed or religion – the freedom to practice is unanimous for all.

    We are not a Hindu state but a country that is tolerant towards all religious sects. And this is a message that needs to be clearly communicated by administration, judiciary and the government.
    Only then, will the faith in the ones governing us, will go up. Gurgaon administration has to be quick.