Was Pakistan planning an Economic Pearl Harbour?

    That makes the Demonetisation surgical strike most essential and it did not come a moment too soon.

    Lets consider some cold facts. There are four main firms that produce paper for printing Currency notes. These are, Portal of USA, Gain of Sweden, Arzo Vigiz of France and paper fabrics Leuscental.

    In 2010 Pak started buying paper from two of these firms from which India was sourcing its paper. Pak is economically much weaker than India. All of a sudden this coup gave the Pak ISI the option of printing fake Indian currency in the mass.

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    This gave Pak the option of pumping in Hawala money to support Terror ops on a massive scale and destabilise J&K. it also began to buy sections of our student community and media and began to fund political parties to influence Indian elections. it set up 5 presses for Printing fake currency notes.These were then smuggled into India via Nepal( via the PIA flights).

    Bangladesh (into India mostly via Malda), Rajasthan border, Punjab border and via Chennai and Mangalore( via Indian expats from the Gulf). There are reports that our Indian intelligence agencies recently uncovered a plan by the ISI to execute an economic Pearl Harbour. India has some 16000 trillion currency notes of 500 and 1000 in circulation(96% OF OUR MONEY SUPPLY).As per this source, Pak was printing 15,000 trillion such notes and was about to push them into India to unhinge its economy and generate runaway inflation and price rise but above all to give a big push to terror activities in J&K and rest of India.

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    Frankly this was an act of war.Our response instead of being offensive ( military terms) had perforce to be defensive and PRE- EMPTIVE. That is what precisely has been done. the people crying loudest are those hit hardest by the sudden strike on their black and fake money hordes -mostly from abroad.The terrorist in J&K have been hard hit. All stone pelting is at an end.The Maoists are reeling- all their extortion money is now a heap of junk. Dauds Hawala racket is busted.

    Many of the people now in lines were out of job labour from the House construction agencies drafted to deposit black money tranches and desperately try and convert them to white. We need to HOLD FIRM. have faith- this is BITTER Medicine but it will work..