Rare Medical Anomaly: Alabama Woman With Double Uterus Pregnant In Both

In a rare medical miracle, a woman from Alabama has a double uterus and has a baby in each of them. According to a report by WVTM 13, Kelsey Hatcher has a medical anomaly, two uteri and two cervices, which is pretty rare, but now she’s pregnant in both uteri.

Kelsey and her husband Caleb are parents to three kids, aged 7, 4 and 2. However, things took a different turn when Kelsey realized she was pregnant last spring. According to the report, it was during her first ultrasound scan, that she found this news. What took her obstetrician by shock was that she has a double uterus — two functional uteri, and she has a baby in each of them.

Her obstetrician was quoted in the report as saying, ‘Very, very rare. Yes. OB/GYNs go their whole careers without seeing anything like this. Kelsey has two uteri, each with its own cervix. She’s known about her physical oddity for a while, and she knows it’s pretty rare. That’s why her pregnancy is considered high-risk.

UAB Dr. Richard Davis specializes in high-risk pregnancies was quoted in the report, ‘A double cervix or double uteruses way under 1%, maybe three per 1,000 women might have that. And then the probability of you having a twin in each horn is really crazy.’

Dr Davis further added, ‘So when she goes into labour, if she does, then we will have to monitor each uterus and see which one’s contracting and if they’re doing sort of almost the same or they’re different’.

On all the limelight she is getting because of this, Kelsey said, ‘I’m typically not one that, like likes a lot of attention and doesn’t want people to be talking about all my stuff. And so, to be this rare and kind of out there, I’m like, oh my gosh, there’s a lot.


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