AI-Generated White Faces Are Now More Realistic Than Natural Human Faces!

New Delhi: A recent study led by experts at the Australian National University (ANU) suggests that artificial intelligence (AI) generates white faces that appear more realistic than human faces.

“Remarkably, white AI faces can convincingly pass as more real than human faces – and people do not realise they are being fooled,” said the researchers report.

Amy Dawel, the senior author, clarified that the discrepancy arises due to the overrepresentation of White faces in the training data for AI algorithms.

One problem associated with AI ‘hyper-realism’ is that people often fail to recognize when they are being deceived, as per the findings of the researchers.

Moreover, the researchers identified the reasons behind the deception caused by AI faces

“It turns out that there are still physical differences between AI and human faces, but people tend to misinterpret them. For example, White AI faces tend to be more in-proportion and people mistake this as a sign of humanness,” Dawel said.

“However, we can’t rely on these physical cues for long. AI technology is advancing so quickly that the differences between AI and human faces will probably disappear soon.”

The real-world implications of the study, as reported by The Guardian, are significant, especially in areas like identity theft, where people might be vulnerable to deception by digital impostors.

However, these results did not extend to images featuring people of color.

The researchers argue that increasing public awareness can also be crucial in minimizing the potential risks linked to this technology.

“Given that humans can no longer detect AI faces, society needs tools that can accurately identify AI imposters,” Dawel said.

“Educating people about the perceived realism of AI faces could help make the public appropriately skeptical about the images they’re seeing online.”

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