Here’s How You Can Celebrate A Greener Diwali

As the festival of lights is around the corner, the preparations are in full swing for the same. Right from the decor, the lighting, the parties, the dresses, to the food, people go all out for these preparations during Diwali.

However, every year these celebrations end up taking a toll on Mother Nature because of all the pollution created due to the bursting of fire crackers, and the waste management post-Diwali. Let’s be the change ourselves this year and give this Diwali a green touch. Here are a few tips for an environment-friendly Diwali:

Organic rangoli: Say no to the chemically coloured powders for Rangoli this year. Instead go for flowers, rice and pulses for a beautiful yet environment-friendly Diwali.

Go for diyas: Ditch the electric fairy lights to save electricity and take the traditional turn this year. Lighten up each and every corner of your house with diyas. And why not, isn’t how this was actually supposed to be?

Say no to plastic: Diwali means shopping and shopping means more and more plastic bags. If you want to ensure an environment-friendly celebration then start from the shopping itself, carry your own bags from home so that you won’t need those plastic bags.

Handmade gifting: Diwali is one such festival, where we exchange gifts in the form of sweets and whatnot. But, whatever it is that you are thinking to gift your near and dear ones this time make sure it is handmade, as it will not only ensure the safety of the environment but will also have a personal touch.

Say no to crackers: Last but not least, given the Air Quality Index worsening each day it is really important that we do not end up making it all the more worse by bursting crackers.


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