Unveiling The Unusual: Hong Kong’s Snake Meat Pizza

In a culinary twist that has left many in awe and disbelief, Pizza Hut Hong Kong has collaborated with Ser Wong Fun, a renowned snake restaurant with a history dating back to 1895, to introduce an extraordinary creation: the snake meat pizza. Breaking away from the traditional concepts of pizza toppings, this nine-inch delicacy combines shredded snake meat, black mushrooms, and Chinese dried ham, all resting on a unique abalone sauce base. As the pizza challenges the boundaries of taste buds and health perceptions, let’s delve deeper into the origins, flavours, and reactions surrounding this unconventional dish.

About Ser Wong Fun:

Ser Wong Fun, a snake restaurant situated in Central Hong Kong, has long been celebrated for its expertise in serving snake-based delicacies. Established in 1895, the restaurant has become a cultural institution, attracting locals and tourists alike who are keen to explore the unique flavours and textures of snake meat. By partnering with Pizza Hut, Ser Wong Fun aims to introduce its culinary heritage to a wider audience, merging tradition with innovation.

Hong Kong’s Snake Pizza:

The snake meat pizza at Pizza Hut Hong Kong combines a medley of distinctive ingredients. Alongside the shredded snake meat, which serves as the star of the show, the pizza features black mushrooms and Chinese dried ham. These components, when combined, create a symphony of flavours that will intrigue even the most adventurous eaters. The abalone sauce base, a departure from the conventional tomato base, adds a touch of richness and depth to the overall taste profile.

Meanwhile, Pizza Hut Hong Kong claims that the addition of snake meat to their pizza marks a breakthrough in redefining the concept of maintaining good health while indulging in unique flavours. The combination of snake meat, cheese, and diced chicken results in a taste that is both satisfying and unexpected. By pushing the boundaries of conventional pizza toppings, this creation challenges diners to embrace new culinary experiences.


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