Apple Aims To Catch Up In AI Race, Plans Major Upgrade With Generative Artificial Intelligence Technology

New Delhi: Major tech companies are competing to fully utilize AI, with Google, Microsoft, and Meta taking the lead by introducing new AI features. Apple, while not at the forefront yet, is planning to catch up. The Cupertino-based company intends to enhance its generative AI technology, bringing AI-related features to iPhones, Macs, and services like Siri, as reported.

As per Bloomberg’s report, Apple has been dedicatedly developing its generative AI project known as Apple GPT. Spearheaded by three senior vice presidents—John Giannandrea, Craig Federighi, and Eddy Cue—this project, particularly Cue’s team, is exploring the applications of generative AI. This includes its potential use in aiding users to write in apps like Pages or automatically generate slide decks in Keynote, as outlined in the report.

Apple’s language model, known as Apple GPT, is reportedly in its early development phase, primarily aimed at elevating Siri with generative AI capabilities. The anticipated release of these enhancements is slated for next year, in 2024. Beyond Siri, Apple is actively working on incorporating generative AI features into the upcoming iPhone operating system, iOS 18. Furthermore, the tech giant is exploring avenues to integrate AI functionalities into its Xcode development application.

In its plans for expansion, Apple is contemplating the integration of AI features into various first-party applications, including Apple Music and Pages. For instance, Apple Music might employ AI to generate playlists tailored to individual listening preferences, akin to Spotify’s functionality. Moreover, Pages could leverage AI to assist users in tasks like editing and writing.

The report indicates that Apple is currently weighing its options for implementing generative AI. One possibility is to offer a fully on-device experience, prioritizing user privacy. Another consideration is a cloud-based setup, providing more robust AI capabilities. Additionally, Apple is contemplating a hybrid approach that combines both on-device and cloud-based AI functionalities.

In another report by analyst Jeff Pu, it is suggested that Apple may begin incorporating generative AI technology on the iPhone and iPad, potentially as early as late 2024.

According to analyst Jeff Pu, Apple is expected to deploy several hundred AI servers in 2023, with a substantial increase planned for the following year. Pu anticipates that Apple will adopt a hybrid approach, combining cloud-based AI with edge AI, emphasizing more on-device data processing.

Jeff Pu added that the introduction of generative AI by Apple will require some patience, as the company carefully evaluates methods to handle and process personal data in a manner consistent with its dedication to safeguarding customer privacy.

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