Chinese Tech Giant Baidu Unveils Ernie 4.0 To Rival OpenAI GPT-4 Model

(Image: X/@Baidu_Inc)

In the wake of the global surge in interest surrounding AI technology sparked by the introduction of ChatGPT last year, Chinese technology giant Baidu, owner of China’s leading internet search engine, has introduced its latest version of generative artificial intelligence, Ernie 4.0, asserting that its capabilities rival those of OpenAI’s GPT-4 model.

During a recent event in Beijing, Baidu’s CEO Robin Li unveiled Ernie 4.0, highlighting its remarkable memory capabilities. The demonstration featured the model’s real-time creation of a captivating martial arts novel. Additionally, Ernie 4.0 exhibited its prowess in generating advertising materials, effortlessly crafting eye-catching posters and videos.

At the event, Baidu made several significant announcements, one of which was the incorporation of generative AI technology into its products, such as Baidu Drive and Baidu Maps.

Li unveiled Baidu Map’s latest feature, harnessing the power of Ernie to enable users to effortlessly navigate its functions using natural language queries. This marks a significant shift from the previous cumbersome process of sifting through thousands of options.

According to data from CLSA, China currently possesses a significant share of the world’s large language models (LLMs), with over 130 of these models accounting for 40% of the global total. This places China as the second-largest player in the LLM field, trailing only the United States, which has 50% of the world’s LLMs.

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