Punjab’s ‘Kulhad Pizza’ Duo Files Police Complaint Amid Viral Video

New Delhi: A couple from Punjab, who went viral for their innovative kulhad pizza venture, have found themselves caught up in a controversy. An online video, featuring them, has emerged, leading to a dispute.

Sehaj Arora, the owner of the food cart, has dismissed the video as fraudulent and has taken legal action by filing a complaint with the police.

Sehaj Arora and his spouse gained popularity for their distinctive pizza served in earthen cups on a Jalandhar street. Their videos showcasing the pizza-making process garnered significant attention on social media, and they also shared their love story before getting married.

Recently, a video circulating on social media appears to depict the owners of “Kulhad Pizza” in a compromising situation. Following the video’s viral spread, Arora issued a clarification on Wednesday, categorizing the clip as “fake.”

In an Instagram video, Arora, while standing outside a Jalandhar police station, accused someone of sending them the “phony” video via Instagram and requesting money. He further stated that they declined to pay, and as a result, the video was subsequently shared online.

Additionally, he reported that he had approached the police and formally filed a complaint. He added that the video was unequivocally false.

On Friday, Sehaj Arora released another video message, in which he provided a detailed account of the challenges he and his wife, who had recently become parents, endured in the aftermath of the controversy.

Arora clarified that he wouldn’t delve into the authenticity of the video but rather focus on their current circumstances and the difficulties they are currently facing.

Sehaj Arora revealed that the individual who had attempted to blackmail them using the viral clip had been apprehended by the authorities.

Furthermore, he accused a YouTuber named Karan Dutta of disseminating the fraudulent video and underscored its adverse effects on him and his family.

Karan Dutta, however, responded to these accusations through multiple videos on his YouTube channel, refuting any wrongdoing while raising questions about Sehaj Arora’s claims.

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