PM Modi Bids Adieu To Old Parliament Building; Says Its Legacy Will Continue To Inspire Future Generations

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi commenced the Parliament Special Session on Monday, marking a farewell to the historic building. During his address to the Lok Sabha, he noted, “This House once served as the home for the Imperial Legislative Council.”

Reflecting on the transition, he remarked, “We are all bidding farewell to this remarkable structure. Prior to Independence, it housed the Imperial Legislative Council, and after Independence, it transformed into the Parliament House.”

Acknowledging its origins, he stated, “While it’s true that the decision to construct this building was made by foreign rulers, we must never forget, and can proudly affirm, that the labour, dedication, and finances invested in its construction came from my fellow countrymen.”

The special five-day parliamentary session will shift to the new House on Tuesday, coinciding with Ganesh Chaturthi.

Here’s What PM Modi Said:

“This parliament building stands as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and financial contributions of our fellow countrymen.”

“While we transition to a new facility, the legacy of this building will continue to inspire future generations.”

“Today marks a significant chapter in the ongoing journey of Indian democracy, introducing our democratic values to the world.”

“The world has taken note of India’s accomplishments. The success of Chandrayaan-3 has showcased India’s capabilities to the global stage. This Parliament extends its congratulations to our scientists.”

“The success of the G20 Summit doesn’t belong to an individual or a political party; it’s the achievement of 140 crore Indians.”

“I could have never imagined receiving such immense respect and attention from our nation.”

“Throughout our debates and differences, this Parliament’s strength fosters a sense of unity akin to a family. Grudges are not held here.”

“Despite numerous challenges, our MPs have consistently attended Parliament and fulfilled their duties as elected representatives. Some even arrived in wheelchairs, with doctors on standby. Even during the Covid pandemic, we convened and discharged our responsibilities.”

“From leaders like Rajendra Prasad to Ram Nath Kovind to Droupadi Murmu and others, this parliament has benefited from their guidance. It has witnessed the tenures of leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and Manmohan Singh, who have steered our nation.”

“On this occasion, we also pay homage to those who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending this parliament during terrorist attacks.”

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