IndiGo Introduces Gadget Measuring Fatigue Levels Of Pilots

New Delhi: Last month, an IndiGo pilot died because of cardiac arrest at the Nagpur airport, minutes before he was set to fly the plane. The pilot could not even cross the boarding gate, as he collapsed there. Unfortunately, he died while being taken to the hospital.

In the wake of this incident, the airline has introduced a gadget for pilots that will measure their fatigue levels. It’s basically a gadget that the pilots need to wear on their wrists. It will ensure their safety.

For this fatigue analysis tool, IndiGo has specially partnered with the Thales Group. Their model will provide detailed information right from the demographic data which includes the routes, pairings, and crew profiles.

To measure the fatigue levels, the device will be using real-time data, historical information as well as predictive analytics.

IndiGo will make its pilots volunteer to wear the gadget before and after a flight, over the next few months. The gadget in five minutes will collect all the data. At the same time, the airline has formed another group, in which the rest of the pilots will volunteer to wear the wrist gadget for the entire duration of flights.

In a press release, Indigo said, ‘it will be a proof-of-concept trial. This initiative is to develop a fatigue detection model that offers detailed insights into demographic data, including routes, pairings, crew profiles, and more, going beyond traditional scheduling-focused biomathematical models.


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