From Sheeshamwood Sandook To Kashmiri Pashmina: Check Out The Hamper Gifted to G20 Leaders By PM Modi

As Delhi hosted world leaders last week for the G20 Summit, everything, right from the security arrangements, luxury hotel stays, to personal needs of these leaders and their spouses were taken care of. They were treated with world-class facilities right from food to local experiences. But, this did not stop here, as each of the leaders were gifted a well-curated hamper by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, post the conclusion of the summit. All these leaders flew back with a piece of India with them.

Yes, each of the items included in that special hamper was a piece of Indian heritage and at the centre of country’s identity. The following products were included in the hamper:

Sheeshamwood Sandook

This Sandook (treasure chest) is made using Sheeshamwood also known as Indian Redwood. This particular type of wood is famous for it’s strength, durability, patterns and rich colours, which also makes it one of the most expensive type of woods. Further, the sandook was covered using brass strips giving it a royal and regal look.

Saffron From Kashmir

Saffron, which is also known as Kesar in Hindi and Zafran in Persian was also included in the hamper. All of us know saffron is one of the most exotic and expensive spices in the world. That’s why a special Kashmiri Saffron was gifted to the leaders. Well, because it is rich in aroma, colour and has an unmatched potency.

Kashmiri Pashmina

The Kashmiri Pashmina is the most famous shawl in the world. It is the epitome of heritage and legacy. This shawl is all the more special because it is made using the wool of the Changthangi goat. It is the world’s most unique Cashmere goat) found only at a height of 14,000 feet above sea level.

Pekoe Darjeeling and Nilgiri Tea

The Darjeeling teas are the highest elevation produced teas world over. It is actually the altitude which creates an ideal environment for the tea plantation. These also have a special aroma. Whereas, Nilgiri tea is said to be a treasure of South India. It is rich in scent and flavour.

Araku Coffee

ARAKU is the first terroir-mapped coffee to also champion the world’s largest certified organic plantation in the Eastern Ghats of India. It is grown in the Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh. The coffee brand also has an outlet in Paris.

Mangrove Honey

This honey is raw and unprocessed. It has a lot of nutrients good for health. The texture of this one is different from the usual honey as it is less viscous in comparison.

Zighrana Ittar

This Ittar (perfume) is one of a kind originating from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanauj.

Khadi Scarf

The fabric has both historical and philosophical importance in India. It originated in India. The fabric was introduced by Mahatama Gandhi. The magic about this fabric is that it remains cool in summer and warm in winter.


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