India’s First AI-Powered Anti-Drone System Unveiled By Hyderabad Firm

A Hyderabad-based robotics company has introduced a cutting-edge autonomous anti-drone system, utilizing artificial intelligence. This system offers protection not only for critical facilities such as nuclear sites and oil rigs but also extends its coverage to include entire cities, effectively countering various types of drones.

This system has the capability to safeguard not only crucial facilities like nuclear sites and oil rigs but also secure extensive urban areas, effectively countering various types of drones. Remarkably, this marks the inaugural development of such a system within India.

Grene Robotics, a deep-tech firm specializing in AI-powered security solutions for defence, corporate, and government sectors, conducted a live demonstration showcasing the advanced capabilities of this comprehensive drone security system. The demonstration took place on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

Named Indrajaal, this groundbreaking technology is acclaimed as the world’s sole wide-area Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS). It boasts the ability to deliver a comprehensive and integrated security solution against dynamic threats, a feat that static defence systems cannot achieve.

The founder of Grene Robotics, Kiran Raju, who established the company 12 years ago, explains that Indrajaal’s architecture employs a modular mechanism akin to LEGO blocks, comprising 12 distinct layers of technology enhanced by artificial intelligence.

“The system provides 360-degree protection, with the ability to detect, identify, classify, track, and neutralise threats in real-time. The threat lifetime can be as short as 30 seconds to a few minutes,” Mr Raju said.

Uttarakhand Governor Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh, who previously held the position of Deputy Chief of Army Staff from 2014 to 2016, envisions Indrajaal as an innovative solution to address India’s security needs in defence, public infrastructure, and the private sector.

The makers of Indrajaal express strong confidence in the system’s ability to safeguard extensive defence facilities, high-value regions like the National Capital Region (NCR) housing critical structures, and international borders, and to deter threats during VIP movements or large gatherings. Indrajaal is designed to provide protection against a range of threats, including UAVs, low radar cross-section (RCS) missiles, smart munitions, and even swarm drones.

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