India’s Role Crucial In Resolving Ukraine Crisis, Says US Ambassador To Ukraine


New Delhi: US Ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, underscored the significance of India’s position as the president of the G20 and its efforts in supporting developing nations.

Ambassador Brink emphasized that India’s leadership plays a crucial role in finding a solution to the Ukraine conflict, citing its contributions to the Black Sea Grain initiative.

During an online briefing, Ambassador Brink commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s successful state visit to the United States and President Joe Biden’s recognition of the strong US-India partnership. She highlighted India’s influence in shaping global events, including the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, which has far-reaching implications for the global economy, food security, and adherence to the principles outlined in the UN Charter concerning sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Ambassador Brink called for respect of the territorial integrity of states and the principles outlined in the UN Charter.

She emphasized the importance of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s 10-point peace plan, which he presented during last year’s G20 Summit. The ambassador suggested that countries, including India, advocate for this plan and collaborate to address the various global challenges arising from the conflict, such as food security and disruptions in the world energy market caused by Russia.

Regarding the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which Russia has threatened to withdraw from, Ambassador Brink stressed its role in stabilizing global markets. She urged India’s leadership to encourage the continuation and expansion of this initiative, underscoring India’s unique voice in advocating for developing countries.

Ambassador Brink further highlighted the shared goal of supporting freedom and territorial integrity, which the United States and India, both proud democracies, hold. She expressed support for Ukraine’s counter-offensive efforts, noting that they are progressing according to plan. The United States remains encouraged and optimistic about the counter-offensive and reassured its commitment to providing security assistance to Ukraine.


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