After Darwin’s Evolution Theory, NCERT Now Drops Periodic Table From Class 10 Textbooks

New Delhi: The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) made a notable decision to eliminate several chapters from the class 10 textbook. Dropped topics include ‘Periodic Classification of Elements’, ‘Democracy and Political Parties’, and ‘Challenges to Democracy.’

Discussions over the reasons behind the removal of these particular chapters have sparked as a result of the NCERT’s action.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), in the middle of continuing disputes over its decision, has stepped forth to defend its choice to eliminate chapters from Class 10 school books.

According to a statement from NCERT, this was done to lighten the content load on students.

“NCERT drops full chapters of Periodic Classification of Element, Democracy, Political Parties (full page), and Challenges to Democracy from the 10th grade textbook to reduce the content load on students in view of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said NCERT defending its decision.

There has been a lot of backlash and discussion following the NCERT’s recent decision to remove Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution from the science textbooks for Classes 9 and 10.

This decision sparked a heated discussion over the necessity of teaching evolutionary principles in the curriculum and raised questions about how it will affect students’ comprehension of scientific ideas.

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