After US, ChatGPT Launches Its App Version On iOS In India

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New Delhi: The AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has become a go-to resource for everyone. Since its launch in November last year, its demand has risen tremendously. Taking cognizance of the rising demand/ usage of the bot, the AI-powered chatbot developers launched the iOS version of the software too. The app launched a week ago in the US, is now available for Apple users in India too.

Initially accessible only through web browsers, the chatbot now expanded its reach by launching the app version of the bot for iOS devices in India, and some other countries. The chatbot is now available for Apple users to download and install as an application. OpenAI also plans to release an Android version in the future. The app version of the ChatGPT has already surpassed half a million downloads within its first six days of release in the US, demonstrating its growing user base.

According to, an app intelligence provider, ChatGPT garnered 480,000 installations in the first five days of its US iOS launch. This demonstrates its rapid growth compared to other AI chatbots in the market.

By making the technology accessible to billions of iPhone users, OpenAI has solidified its position in the tech industry. The app currently focuses on generating text responses, but OpenAI is also focussing on features like a speech recognition system that enables voice input. In the app, ChatGPT Plus users can access advanced features through GPT-4.

Even as the Chatbot has gained prominence in the tech world, It is pertinent to note that the technology behind ChatGPT is still a work in progress. Apart from Chat GPT, several other AI-powered bots have been launched, giving tough competition to the former. Google is also making strides in the AI chatbot field with its own product called Bard. Google is introducing new features for Bard, including support for more languages, easier text export to Google Docs and Gmail, and visual search capabilities.




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