CM Vijayan Declares Kerala As First State To Be Fully E-Governed

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala’s Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, made a big announcement by naming Kerala a full-fledged e-governance state. The announcement was made at a special event held in the Thiruvananthapuram district and put on by the Kerala IT Mission.

Speaking at the event, the Kerala CM said, “Becoming a total e-governance state will give a major boost to building the new face of Kerala. People are not satisfied with certain democratic systems of government because their demands are not met. But here in our state, the situation is different. We conduct audits and submit reports to the people.”

He further added, saying, “In 2016, we made 600 promises to the people, and out of those, 520 projects have been fulfilled. The situation was very uncertain in 2018 with the state being affected by a flood, and later its effects made it critical.”

Chief Minister Vijayan emphasised how the state’s e-governance system effectively handled the challenges brought by the severe COVID epidemic, also highlighting the government’s admirable efficiency.

In addition,CM Vijayan highlighted the e-governance system that has been established in a number of industries, including health, revenue, and the state home department. He went on to praise the cybercrime department in particular for its excellent work, its quick investigation of cases, and for setting an impressive example for the entire country.

The Chief Minister stated that he was hopeful that the broad use of e-governance will completely transform society by touching all aspects of life.

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