G7 Leaders Calls For ‘Responsible’ Use Of AI

Hiroshima: G7 leaders highlighted the necessity for a thorough analysis of generative Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) effects on society. They announced their plans to initiate discussions this year to address the responsible use of this technology.

The G7 leaders, while discussing the issue, said in a statement, “”We recognise the need to immediately take stock of the opportunities and challenges of generative AI, which is increasingly prominent across countries and sectors.”

While announcing the formation of a working group to tackle misinformation and copyright issues, the leading economic leaders said in a statement, “We task relevant ministers to establish the Hiroshima AI process, through a G7 working group, in an inclusive manner… for discussions on generative AI by the end of this year.”

The statement further said, “These discussions could include topics such as governance, safeguarding of intellectual property rights, including copyrights, promotion of transparency, response to foreign information manipulation, including disinformation, and responsible utilisation of these technologies.”

The G7 talks on the responsibilities of AI and the dangers it poses have started after worldwide pressure on the government to act quickly against the risks of using AI.

ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman recently sparked debate when he said if the AI goes wrong, it can quite go wrong while testifying before a Senate hearing in the USA. Altman also urged the panel, saying oversight and direction from regulatory organisations are necessary for the ethical and responsible development and application of AI.

Lawmakers in the European Parliament have also taken steps towards creating rules that would apply to ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence (AI) systems throughout the European Union.

The G7 group, while addressing the advancements in AI and emerging technologies, said “The governance of the digital economy should continue to be updated in line with our shared democratic values.”

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