‘AI Can Go Quite Wrong’: ChatGPT CEO During Senate Hearing

Washington: During a recent hearing in the US Senate in Washington, DC, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, the organisation behind the development of ChatGPT, said there could be serious repercussions if such technology malfunctions.

‘If AI goes wrong, it can go quite wrong,” Altman said.

Talking about the risks AI portrays and showcasing concerns related to the upcoming 2024 US elections, senators asked very probing questions to gain knowledge of potential risks and effects related to AI technology.

Richard Blumenthal, US Senator, showed concern in the hearing, saying, “If you were listening from home, you might have thought that voice was mine and the words were from me, but in fact, that voice was not mine.”

The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, expressed his opinion that the AI market needs government oversight. As artificial intelligence develops and acquires more power, Altman emphasises the value of being proactive. He stated that oversight and direction from regulatory organisations are necessary for the ethical and responsible development and application of AI.

Speaking about job cuts due to AI, Altman said, “Like with all tech revolutions, I expect there to be a significant impact on jobs, but exactly what that impact is difficult to predict.” He further stated: “I believe that there will be far greater jobs on the other side of this, and the jobs on the other side will be better.”

During his testimony, Altman revealed that he does not personally benefit financially from his affiliation with OpenAI. He further added that the organisation is engaged in the development of a copyright system that aims to provide proper compensation to the artists whose creative work is used in the generation of new content using AI.

OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company. In February, the company came up with a premium plan for access to ChatGPT Plus, which would provide enhanced features to the person who subscribed. Meanwhile, Google and many other companies have been trying to come up with their own version of ChatGPT.

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