Mother’s Day Special: 5 Dishes That You Can Cook For Your Mom

Mother’s Day is here! This is the day, we honour our mom’s and what better way than to surprise her by making her a lovely dish. Food is definitely one of the best ways to show affection and love.

Here are 5 dishes you can try out in the kitchen –


This is quite a classic and for a reason. Kheer or rice pudding is a versatile dish and the perfect dish for your mom. You can prepare it the traditional way and add a flavour that you know your mom will like.


Treat your mother to some Italian food with the delectable taste of Pasta which you can sit and enjoy with her. You can make this from scratch in 45 minutes to an hour and can even have this for dinner.


The best way to celebrate any ‘Day’ is by cutting a cake. Try your hand at baking a simple dry cake at home and see the joy on your mother’s face.

Rajma Chawal 

Credits: maunikagowardhan

Another classic recipe for most of the people out there and a relatively easy dish to make, Raj’Ma’ Chawal is a must have dish to impress your mother.

Dum Aloo

Credits: Hebbar’s Kitchen

Take your taste buds on a rustic fling. Fried potatoes enveloped in a creamy gravy, rating full on the spice-o-meter.

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