Fact Check: Viral Image Showing Women Travelling for Miles To Collect Water In Adyar Is Edited

An image showing three women carrying multiple vessels of water on their heads through a vast desert has gone viral on social media. Many users have shared the image claiming it to be from Tamil Nadu’s Adyar, India. 

A Facebook user posted the viral post with a caption: Women collecting water miles away during the long and summers in Adyar, India

You can check the post here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral post, and found it to be false.

Given that the posts claim the picture is from Adyar, India, we checked whether this neighbourhood in South Chennai has any desert or not. It is highly unlikely for a place in Southern India to have a desert in its topography. With a Google search, we spotted many images on the platform, but none of them indicated the presence of desert in the area.  

Google Maps shows that the neighbourhood is rather very close to Bay of Bengal. 

This confirms that the image could not have been shot in Adyar. Running a Reverse Image Search, we traced an article on Cityshor.com an Ahmedabad-based city guide website, with a title: A Desert Getaway to Experience Rural Life at Samode Village! 

The article informs about a getaway to a village named Samode, about 42 km from Jaipur. One of the pictures in the gallery shows few women walking on a road with something on their heads. The three women in the front match exactly with the women in the viral picture, confirming that the latter has been edited to spread misinformation. 

Therefore, we can conclusively say that the viral post, claiming to show women collecting water and travelling for miles during summers in Adyar, is false.

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