Fact Check: Edited Video Of PM Modi Talking About His Education Shared With Misleading Claims

A video of PM Modi is doing the rounds on social media, in which he can be heard saying that he has only studied till high school.

The post reads: ना पढ़ा लिखा होना कोई अपराध नहीं है, और ना ही कोई शर्म की बात है। लेकिन हलफनामा देकर झूठ बोलना कि मैंने BA और MA. “एनटायर पॉलिटिकल साइंस” में किया है, यह जरूर अपराध है, और शर्म की बात है। उसके बाद अपनी कथित डिग्री देश की जनता से छुपाना, तो अत्यंत शर्म की बात है।

Here’s the link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post, and found it to be misleading.

We found the longer version of the viral on YouTube. The video was uploaded on March 1, 2013, with a title: Narendra Modi Interview with Rajeev Shukla.

The viral clip can be seen at the 20:35 mark of the original video, where Modi can be heard saying that he left home at the age of 17 after school.

After this, the journalist asked if he has only studied till school, to which Modi replied: “After high school, a Sangh member asked me to finish my graduation, so I started giving the exams. I did BA from Delhi University through an external examination and then finished my postgraduate as an external student when they pushed me to do an MA. I have never seen the college gates, but I stood first in the university.”

Hence, from the above information, it is clear that the viral video is clipped and  shared with misleading claims.

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