Virat Kohli Names Best And Worst Running Partner, Dhoni Not His Favorite Pick

Image Source: Twitter

Chennai: As cricket moves into an era of physical fitness with quicker formats, Virat Kohli remains the revolution behind emulating the change both individually and within the dressing room.

During a chat with former RCB companion AB de Villiers, Virat Kohli picked up the fastest running partner that he has played with. Well, his first choice was not MS Dhoni.

Kohli said that “I’ve been asked this question before. AB has been by far the fastest I’ve run with between the wickets. The only other guy I’ve had so much coordination and understanding with is MS (Dhoni). I don’t know about the speeds, but he and MS, I would not even need to call.”

Over the seasons while playing with AB de Villiers, Kohli has constructed crucial partnerships on-field.

AB de Villiers then urges Virat to pick up the ‘worst running partner’ for taking runs between the wickets. Kohli picked Cheteshwar Pujara to answer the ‘controversial’ question.

Explaining the choice, Kohli talked about the 2018 Centurion Test where Pujara was dismissed twice due to run out. After the second run out in the test tour, Kohli said “I was like you have run yourself in the first innings how can you be so brave to take on the quickest man on the field and then not be seen in the frame when the replay is shown. I was like my god. That is the worst call I have seen in my life,”.

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