Fact Check: Did The Simpsons Predict the Collapse of SVB? Here’s the Truth

A video of the famous American show The Simpsons is being widely shared on social media. It is claimed that the show predicted the recent Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse long ago in one of its episodes. This comes on the back of many theories that the show is famous for predicting world events through its episodes. 

A Facebook user posted the viral post with a caption: 

The Simpsons again??

Silicon Valley Bank

You can check the post here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral post, and found it to be misleading.

Running a Reverse Image Seach of the video keyframes, we identified a YouTube video on an unverified profile, dated October 18, 2010, titled: Bart Simpson Starts a Bank Run. The bank’s name in the video is BS First Bank of Springfield, as opposed to SVB in the viral clip. 

The description of the video states that the clip is from the episode titled: The PTA Disbands! where Bart Simpson causes a bank run by inserting rumours about the bank’s insolvency. 

In another YouTube video, titled: What Do You Mean The Bank Is Out Of Money? (The Simpsons), on the unverified profile ThingsICantFindOtherwise, the About section of the profile informs that the channel is dedicated to clips from the Simpsons’ pre-shark years.

Here too, we can see that the name of the bank is BS First Bank of Springfield and not Silicon Valley Bank. AS per its description, the episode’s name is: The PTA Disbands!

The difference in the bank names can easily be seen here:

We also checked for the episode information online and found the transcript of the entire episode, titled: The PTA Disbands on a website Simpsons Archive. We can see that BS First Bank of Springfield was used as one of the signboards in the episode. 

Therefore, we can conclusively say that the viral video claiming The Simpsons predicted the recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank is misleading.

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