Fact Check: Did Imam from Turkey Kiss Dog’s Paw for Saving Lives? Here’s the Truth

An image of a person kissing the paws of a dog is doing the rounds on social media. Many users have shareed the image claiming that the man in the picture is Imam from Jamia mosque in Turkey, and he’s kissing the paws of a dog who rescued and saved three people tangled in debris. 

A Facebook user posted the viral post with a caption: A touching scene

You can check the post here.

The content on the picture states: This is some of those best rare pics I’ve ever seen. This is Imam e Jamia mosque in Turkey kissing hand of the dog that rescued and saved lives of three people tangled in debris. Last line is the theme “only being a man doesn’t matter, what matters is sincere service, no matter by whom.


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral post, and found it to be false.

Running a Reverse Image Search of the viral picture, we traced a Facebook post on an unverified profile, dated August 12, 2014. Although the man in the picture is a Christian priest, the dog, bystanders, and even the picture of him kissing the dog match exactly with the viral picture hinting that the latter might be edited. 

The caption informs that the man in the picture is Tomasz Jaeschke an Austrian priest and a fervent animalist who launched his personal “crusade” to raise awareness on animal welfare. 

We also came across a Polish news article on the website of a media agency Super Express. The article even predates the Facebook post to October 27, 2011. Here too, we can see that the image elements match the viral image except for the man kissing the dog’s paws.   

A side-by-side comparison can easily be seen here:

We could not find the original source of the picture. We can conclusively say that the viral post’s claim on Imam kissing a dog’s paw for saving lives of three people is fake.

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