Fact Check: 2020 Image of a Girl Being Rescued Linked to Recent Quake in Turkey

The picture of a small girl in the rubble is doing the rounds on social media claiming that the image is from the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria in February 2023.

The post reads: ওগো আল্লাহ, রহম করুন! ভূমিকম্পে বিধ্বস্ত ভবনে আটকে পড়া একটি বাচ্চা। তুর্কি-সিরিয়া সীমান্তবর্তী শহরে ৪ হাজারের অধিক মানুষ এ পর্যন্ত মারা গেছেন। আল্লাহ তাদের প্রতি সহায় হউন। আমিন। (English translation: Oh Allah, have mercy! A child trapped in an earthquake-devastated building. More than 4,000 people have died so far in the Turkey-Syria border town. May Allah be with them. Amen.)

Here’s the link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post, and found it to be old.

Running a Reverse Image search, we found the image in a report from 2020.

The report carries a caption: In this photo provided by the Turkish Gendarmerie, Ayda Gezgin is tended to by a member of rescue services in the rubble of her collapsed building, in Izmir, Turkey, Tuesday. Rescuers in the Turkish coastal city pulled Gezgin out alive from the rubble, some four days (91 hours) after a strong earthquake hit Turkey and Greece. The girl was taken into an ambulance, wrapped in a thermal blanket, amid the sounds of cheers and applause from rescue workers. [ AP ]

We found the same image in a report by The Washington Post, dated November 3, 2020, mentioning that Ayda Gezgin was rescued from the rubble of a collapsed apartment building in Izmir, 91 hours after a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit the area.

We also found multiple video reports from 2020 showing a rescue team pulling Ayda Gezgin out of the rubble. The reports can be seen here and here.

Thus, from the above fact check, it is clear that the viral image is old and misleading.

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