Fact Check: Viral Post of a Crying Man Falsely Linked to Recent Earthquake in Turkey

On February 6, 2023, a deadly earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes, along with powerful aftershocks struck south-eastern Turkey and north-western Syria, causing widespread destruction and killing more than 40,000 people.

In the above context, a picture of a man crying while holding bread is doing the rounds on social media, claiming that the picture is from the recent earthquake in Turkey.

The post reads: 45 सेकंड के जलजले से पहले यह शख्स घर का मालिक था.. 45 सेकंड के बाद इस शख्स के पास खाने को एक रोटी का टुकड़ा भी नहीं है ..वो दूसरे की दी हुई रोटी लेकर खड़ा है इंसान को अल्लाह की दी हुई नियामत पर घमंड नहीं करना चाहिए.. आदमी पूरी उमर यह मेरा माल यह मेरे बच्चे यह मेरे रिश्तेदार में लगा रहता है.. लेकिन जब वह लेने पर आए तो सेकंड में ले लेता है.. अल्लाह हम सबको हिदायत दे.. (English translation: This man owned the house 45 seconds before the earthquake.. 45 seconds later this guy doesn’t even have a slice of bread to eat.. He is standing with the bread given by someone else. A man should not boast about the order given by Allah. All his life a man keeps talking about his property, his children, and his relatives, but in the end, it’s taken away from him within seconds. May Allah guide us all.)

Here’s the link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found the picture to be old.

We ran a search and found the same picture in a Turkish article dated August 17, 2019.

We also found a research paper where the picture was credited to Photographer Abdurrahman Antakyalı. Scanning through his Instagram profile, we found that he had shared the picture on his Instagram account back in November 2014, with a caption that the picture was clicked by him 15 years ago in Düzce, Turkey.

The same image had been used in an article from 1999 about the earthquake in Düzce. The picture caption reads: An old man was crying yesterday next to a destroyed building in the Turkish city of Duzce. (AP)

Hence, it is clear that the picture is old and not related to the recent earthquake.

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