Google Launches ChatGPT Rival ‘Bard’; Here’s All You Need To Know

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google is launching an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbot called Bard to rival ChatGPT. Google CEO Sundar Pichai termed this latest chatbot service as an “experimental conversational AI service.”

In a blog post, Sundar Pichai spoke about how AI-based features would be coming to Google Search as well.

Pichai explained that Bard is designed to provide high-quality responses by drawing information from the web. It can help people explain complex topic.

Bard will be used by a group of testers before being rolled out to the public in the coming weeks, the firm said. Pichai also stressed that he wanted Google’s AI services to be “bold and responsible.”

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, “One of the most exciting opportunities is how AI can deepen our understanding of information and turn it into useful knowledge more efficiently making it easier for people to get to the heart of what they’re looking for and get things done. When people think of Google, they often think of turning to us for quick factual answers, like “how many keys does a piano have?” But increasingly, people are turning to Google for deeper insights and understanding — like, “is the piano or guitar easier to learn, and how much practice does each need?” Learning about a topic like this can take a lot of effort to figure out what you really need to know, and people often want to explore a diverse range of opinions or perspectives.AI can be helpful in these moments, synthesizing insights for questions where there is no one right answer.”

Bard is built on Google’s existing large language model Lamda, which one engineer described as being so human-like in its responses that he believed it was sentient.

Trusted testers will be given access to Bard in the coming weeks, before it becomes more widely available to the public.

Google’s introduction of Bard comes a day before Microsoft is conducting an event at its headquarters. The company is expected to introduce OpenAI’s ChatGPT to its own search engine, Bing.

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