Fact Check: Does Scribbling on Bank Notes Make Them Invalid? Here’s the Truth

A post is doing the rounds on social media claiming that as per RBI’s new guidelines, writings on currency notes will make the note invalid and it will not be considered a legal tender.

The post reads: As per new guidelines of Reserve Bank of India, writing any thing on new notes makes the note invalid and it will no more be a legal tender. Just like US dollars. If you write anything on US dollar, it is not accepted by anyone. Just forward to maximum people, so that Indian public understands the importance of this message.

Here’s the link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post, and found it to be false.

So far, the Reserve Bank of India website has not carried any notice regarding such guidelines.

However, a press note, dated December 14, 2015, informs that the post in circulation is false. “The Reserve Bank of India today denied having issued a communication circulating on social media alerting members of public that banks will not accept currency notes with scribbling on them from January 1, 2016. The Reserve Bank has reiterated that all currency notes issued by it are legal tender and banks and members can freely and without fear accept them in exchange for goods and services.”

In the ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ section of the RBI Website, it is mentioned: “All Bank notes, including Mahatma Gandhi (New) series notes, with writing or colour stains on them continue to be legal tender, provided they are decipherable.

The FAQ section also mentions the Clean Note Policy, which urges people ‘not to write on the currency notes and banks were instructed to provide unrestricted facilities for the exchange of soiled and mutilated notes‘.

The policy also lists several simple steps that should be taken by the public to ensure the availability of good-quality banknotes.

Hence, it is clear that even though it is advised not to write on the banknotes, it will NOT make the notes invalid.

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